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Montgomery – In order to combat a series of unconstitutional Obama administration executive orders attacking Second Amendment gun rights guarantees, the Alabama House on Tuesday approved a resolution by State Rep. Phillip Pettus (R – Killen) that urges the state’s congressional delegation to oppose them.

Pettus’s resolution is included in the House Republican Caucus’s “Right for Alabama” legislative agenda that was announced prior to the session’s start.

“Barack Obama’s decision to wipe his feet on the U.S. Constitution, circumvent Congress, and attack the Second Amendment gun rights guarantees that God and the framers ordained is among the most offensive actions of any president,” Pettus, a retired state trooper captain with 25 years of service, said. “We must stop Obama from governing this country like a banana republic dictator, and my resolution lets our congressional delegation know that the Legislature stands ready to help them in that fight.”

The resolution reads, in part:

“…the framers and ratifiers of the Second Amendment to the Constitution intended that individuals retain the right to keep and bear arms in order to protect life, liberty, and prosperity and to protect our Nation from those who would attempt to destroy our freedom…”

“…on January 5, 2016, President Barack Obama defied Article 1, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States by implementing unconstitutional executive orders without congressional consideration, debate, or approval in order to infringe on the Second Amendment right of the American people to keep and bear arms.”

“…Congress must go on record to reassert its status as an equal branch of government and to oppose the President’s blatant Executive overreach, which may be one of the most egregious violations of the separation of powers found in the Constitution of the United States…”


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