Press Release: We Dare Defend Our Right to Bear Arms

Press Release: We Dare Defend Our Right to Bear Arms
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Rep Mike Jones (R-Andalusia) sponsors amendment as part of 2013 Legislative Agenda

MONTGOMERY- Recent 5-4 decisions of the United States Supreme Court have threatened the sanctity of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Alabamians have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms and the Alabama Constitution should, as strongly as possible, protect that right.  That’s why in Alabama, we dare defend our right to bear arms.

Today, Freshman Representative Mike Jones (R-Andalusia) announced he will carry the Alabama Firearms Protection Amendment, or House Bill 8, a cornerstone piece of legislation in the 2013 House Republican Agenda. Last week, Alabama House Republicans announced their 2013 agenda, named after the state’s motto “We Dare Defend Our Rights.”

“Given the course that the federal government is taking, it is imperative that we protect our God-given right to defend our families, our homes, and ourselves,” Rep Jones said.  “If the federal government won’t protect our right to keep and bear arms, we’re prepared to do it at the state level.”

If ratified, the Alabama Firearms Protection Amendment would alter Section 26 of the Alabama Constitution, positioning Alabama to have the strongest gun ownership safeguards of any state constitution in the country.  While the Alabama Supreme Court has said that Section 26 is subject to “reasonable regulation by the state,” this Amendment will eliminate any doubt that firearms are a guaranteed right in Alabama.

“The Alabama Firearms Protection Amendment adds language to our constitution that requires the highest level of scrutiny from the courts,” Jones said.  “Including this language will cement Alabama’s stance on the right to bear arms by declaring it as ‘fundamental.'”

This level of scrutiny is the highest level available in the American judicial system.  Overcoming strict scrutiny is difficult – if not impossible – which will protect the right of Alabamians to bear arms more than ever before.  This Amendment will also provide that no international treaty or law shall interfere with a citizen’s right to bear arms.

To download the one-page fact sheet on the Alabama Firearms Protection Amendment, click here: Fact Sheet: We Dare Defend Our Right to Bear Arms (2021)

To download the full text of the amendment, click here: HB8- Alabama Firearms Protection Amendment (Full bill text) (2301)


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4 Comments on "Press Release: We Dare Defend Our Right to Bear Arms"

  • William Dodd says

    BRAVO for this Rep Mike Jones. BRAVO. This is precisely what I was hoping would happen here in Alabama. I am a long time gun owner and I believe my right to bear arms is fundamental. Thank you for listening to the people and then governing for the people.

  • Lisa Harris says

    Sure do wish you were as fierce a protector of a woman’s right to personal autonomy rather than forcing her to have the government making reproductive healthcare decisions for her. I dare defend my rights, too.

  • Keisha says

    I a not a Repulican (nor a Democrat) but i do tip my hat to Rep. Mike Jones. i am from a very proudly American Family and i believe that this act was a very smart idea. Congradulations Mike Jones and i wish this the besst of luck. it is about time someone stood up for our rights as Americans. not just Alabamians.

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