Less Talk, More Action Needed to Move Alabama Forward

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Offices of Senate President Pro Tempore Del Marsh and House Speaker Mike Hubbard

For Immediate Release: Monday, November 7, 2011


Republican lawmakers focused on private-sector job growth, improving education

and government efficiency


BIRMINGHAM – The state’s top Republican lawmakers today previewed their agenda for the upcoming 2012 Legislative Session, promising an aggressive slate of bills focused on jumpstarting private-sector economic growth, improving the quality of education for Alabama children and eliminating wasteful spending and inefficiencies in state government.

At a Birmingham news conference, House Speaker Mike Hubbard and Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh said with those priorities in hand, they intend to continue the new Legislature’s pattern of productivity established in the 2011 session.

“Alabama now has a Legislature that keeps its promises,” Speaker Hubbard said. “We intend to continue our pattern of productivity and responsiveness in 2012, governing with the conservative, low-lax, results-driven mindset Alabamians want from their elected officials. We’ve heard enough talk from President Obama and the Democrats. It’s time to take action to get Alabamians back to work.”

Pro-growth economic development bills were part of long list of legislative accomplishments including anti-corruption reform, budgeting reform, tenure reform, tort reform and campaign finance reform. Now, the Alabama Development Office reports a total of 72 new and expanding industries have been announced since January, bringing a total investment of $1.9 billion and more than 6,516 new jobs to Alabama.

That’s proof of the positive effect Governor Bentley and the new Republican majority have had on economic development for the state, Senator Marsh said.

“Small businesses are faced with the uncertainty of increased taxes and regulations from the federal government, but these new job numbers prove that Alabama’s pro-growth policies are helping put Alabamians back to work,” Senator Marsh said. “Governor Bentley’s top priority is improving the state’s economy and the Legislature will continue working with his administration to enact laws that help Alabama’s economy succeed.”

While House Democrats announced a two-point jobs package last week made up of preexisting Republican proposals, GOP lawmakers look forward to unveiling a more comprehensive jobs agenda in the coming weeks which will include pro-growth tax incentives and regulatory relief designed to help small businesses grow, Speaker Hubbard said.

“Our number one priority is jumpstarting job growth in Alabama” Speaker Hubbard said. “Obviously, the sluggish national economy makes it difficult. However, we can give Alabama more tools to recruit industry and make the state a more business-friendly environment.  Republicans will propose achieving this through innovative, pro-growth incentives and regulatory relief, not another new government spending plan.”

In addition addressing the state’s short-term economic woes, Hubbard and Marsh said the 2012 agenda will also include fiscally responsible measures to raise the quality of Alabama’s schools and ensure the state’s workforce development platform better prepares unemployed Alabamians with available jobs.

“Despite our tremendous gains in education, Alabama still has far to go in raising overall quality and closing the achievement gap in our schools,” speaker Hubbard said.  “Republicans will propose an education agenda aimed at lifting barriers to student achievement so all Alabama children can have the opportunities they deserve and compete in a global economy.”

Senator Marsh said Republicans will also continue to identify and eliminate wasteful spending in order to make state government live within its means.

“Democrats tend to think more government is the answer to every problem,” Senator Marsh said. “In 2012, Republicans will continue the fight to make state government more accountable to taxpayers by enacting carefully-crafted proposals to reduce waste, improve government services and restore fiscal responsibility to ensure the stability of taxpayer-funded programs.”



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